She loves the baby in the mirror. #mialynn #babygirl #playtime #datyou #perfection
This is her bed in her room (the bathroom). She spends about 85% of her time in there. The other 15% is spent eating, sleeping in front of her half full food bowl that she believes is empty, and opening the screen door to let herself out when I’m busy with the baby. #cat #catsofinstagram #fatcat #whyisshesoweird #paininmybutt #livesinthebathroom




My anaconda will consider it

My anaconda has, upon review of the information presented with it’s partners, decided that it, in fact, does not. My anaconda apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause and thanks you for your time.

Re: Your Anaconda,

Thank you for your consideration. Please keep my cover letter and resume in your files in case of any future openings. Good luck in all future endeavors.

Yours, etc.
A bunless hun

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Football Player Flaunts Sexual Orientation On Live Television (x)
AJ McCarron didn’t seem to care that television cameras were on him when he decided to flaunt his heterosexual relationship with Katherine Webb.

“All of a sudden they were making out,” said ESPN viewer Roger Jellyton. “I couldn’t believe my eyes, and my children were in the room. How was I supposed to explain what they were seeing? What, that it’s OK for two people who love each other to kiss in a moment of joy and celebration? Ugh. What is this nation coming to? Enough is enough.”
She got get shots today, but she’s handling it like a champ. #mialynn #babygirl #firstshots #sleepingrightthroughit #sleepingbeauty #whatachamp
Love her infinitely #mialynn #babygirl #minime #perfection
She looked cute and she knew it. #mialynn #babygirl #daddyslittleprincess #lookingsupercute #wasalsosupertired
#mialynn #babygirl #daddyslittleprincess #perfection
#mialynn #babygirl #minime #babysmiles #perfection


What’s difficult to digest is this “praise” of all things black - from cornrows and large booties to acrylic nails, door-knocker earrings, and tribal fabrics - only becomes “chic,” “trendy,” and “epic” when worn by white women. When these same cultural markers are on black women, they are “ghetto,” “urban,” and “ratchet” - meaning, unpretty.
"It’s offensive," said Doreen E. Loury, director of Pan-African studies at Arcadia University. "The natural beauty of black women that has been historically demonized and classified as unattractive, is now the runway’s hottest new swag. And it’s not even being celebrated on black bodies."
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and words like “ghetto”, “rachet”, and “thug” take on more “funny”, positive meanings when applied to white people. A white thug is being funny/ironic, while a black thug gets shot by police.
"Hello, my name is Mia. I’m very, very tired, but I do not want to go to sleep. So I’m just going to fuss about it to my momma. Fuss, fuss, fuss." #mialynn #babygirl #fussbutt #sleepybaby #fightinghersleepalready #ohboy


She found the baby in the mirror. #mialynn #babygirl #datyou #happyascanbe #babysmiles